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Koyama Bonsai Nursery
Design Warehouse Inc.
425 SE 3rd ave.
Suite #202
Portland, OR 97124


We are a full service bonsai nursery located in the heart of Portland Oregon. Carring both imported and domestic tress (indoor and outdoor) and supplies for the art of bonsai. Pots, tools, wire, fertilizers, fountains, figurines, gifts and volume gifts for corporate or business. We also rent and lease trees locally for office, weddings, business events.


  150 year old Fucus Microcarpa

This is just one of the many trees we sell and lease here at the nursery. This is also one of the many trees which was on display this last summer at the Porland Art Museum "Japan Exhibit" We have a large inventory for all to fit all bugets. And on going class in bonsai. See our web site link at the bottom of this page for a listing of some of our inventory and great gift ideas.

150 yr. old Fucus Micro. at Portland Art Museum



  If you have any question on caring for...
or looking for bonsai...Or if you need your trees boarded while your on vacation...
We are the one stop Bonsai source
  Koyama Bonsai Nursery

503.232.0435 - Office
503.481.0101 - Green House



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